digi-libris Reader software

digi-libris Reader has been designed as a tool for the organization of your personal knowledge base which would typically contain a mix of documents, other electronic content, virtual information (links) and even physical objects such as printed material and collectors items. All this kept in a single explorer-like list to give you a better overview and to quickly re-find information again in the mass of material that accumulates over time.

The program is available for Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems in English, French, German, Spanish and Russian.

Some of the features described in these pages may require upgrading to a higher level version. See the features comparison list.

 Download the program installer or zip package and follow the instructions for your operating system below.
You can install it in the default directory or onto an USB stick and directly run from there. Your previous settings and database will be preserved in case this is an update and you had installed digi-libris Reader before.

If possible please use the default target directory or one that does not require administrative rights. This will avoidfrequent confirmation requests.

Although the program is normally distributed by publishers, other content providers, educational and scientific establishments, you can download it here free of charge if your don’t have access to one of these institutions.


This free version includes an option to obtain a 21 day gold trial license at no charge.

Windows (XP- 8.x)

Download Windows version (27MB)

locate digi-libris Reader.zip in your downloads folder and unpack into a directory on your hard disk. Preferrably create or use a directory that does not require administrator rights!

MAC (Intel - OSX)

Download Windows version (27MB)

double-click on digi-libris Reader.zip to unpack and then run the digi-libris application.tar

Linux (Ubuntu tested)

Download Windows version (27MB)

unzip into a directory on your hard disk and make sure digi-libris-reader has permission to be executed as a program