digi-libris Reader is software for collectors of ideas and things

The program has been designed as a browser for literacy enabled documents, i.e. it can read embedded or attached metadata of incoming files or links and use these to automatically classify these items in your personal knowledge base so that you can easily re-find the information again when you need it.

It is equally suitable for organizing collections of any kind containing physical, digital and/or virtual objects.

The program is available for Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems in English, French, German, Spanish and Russian.

Some of the features  require upgrading to a higher level version,see the feature comparison page.

Versions of digi-libris Reader available for any need

Standard (read only)
Readers who like to organize their library or collection of ideas and things,  to keep an overview and to quickly re-find information in the mass of  material that accumulates over time
This free version includes an option to obtain a 21 day gold trial license at no charge.

Silver (read, write, share)
Scholars who like to share and quickly access files and build generic citations, collectors of electronic and physical objects to include descriptions and attributes,   Recipients of a library package who like to maintain their own knowledge base

Gold (projects, pers.lists, dMeta export, CSL citations)
Authors, Researchers, Collectors, Publishers and Content Managers who like to distribute content, to have more control, precise classification, cite using CSL styles and pass metadata in XMP format on to others (e.g. editors for inclusion in the final publication after peer review and paste-up)

Gold academic (same as above)
For students, faculty members and researches at schools, universities and other scientific organizations available with a 30% discount.

Platinum (more features - in preparation)
For authors, content providers and service agencies who would like to make their outg
oing documents literacy enabled (add bookmarks, interactive Table of Contents and embed metadata in PDF files).