Other services

Our parent company Bizgraphic in Geneva/Switzerland offers a number of services for distributers of content and service providers

Content Packaging and media production

Rendering existing documents well-behaved

    • adding bookmarks and interactive tables of contents to files
    • embedding cataloging tags (Dublin Core Elements and Terms) in all files.
    • creating and associating titles and topic lists
    • fully interactive tables of contents in multiple languages or
    • customizing (your own corporate identity) and including digi-libris Reader as the default navigation tool

Media Production

    • an entire large collection of documents on a single CD/DVD-ROM disk,
      saves printing and shipping costs
    • or on an USB stick
    • Web deployment
    • designing graphics for CD labels, packaging and user interface

Training and workshops

    • on streamlining document workflow
    • on introducing company wide namespaces
    • on using digi-libris manager and customizing Reader with bundler


learn more about CD content Packaging, CD/DVD production and other services available from http://bizgraphic.ch