Generate citations and bibliographic references

Citing resources is becoming more and more relevant in view of rising academic pressures to publish.
Proper referencing plays an important role in scholarly communication, but each publication prescribes its own citation style format.
This can be most burdensome if done manually, particularly if you have to deal with multiple journals or publishers.

The citation window allows you to generate correctly formatted citations and bibliographies using either simple generic styles or Citation Style Language (CSL) styles which serve to format citations according to rules set by publishers.

Generic styles are universal and cover basic needs and all options are visible at a glance. Use this format for your own work in progress and if no CSL styles have been prescribed. The Author + Date format is most commonly used.

CSL style sheets have to be downloaded from publishers sites. They define which variables to display and how. The program shows which variables are used and highlights missing ones for you to complete directly in the citation window.

Names of authors don’t follow the same convention by all publications for which reason there are two options for entering names in digi-libris:

  • natural order: (first name last name)
    examples: N.O. Cash or Jean-Jacques Dupont [Jr.]
  • admin order: (last name, first name separated by a comma).
    examples: Cash, Nancy Olivia or Dupont, J.-J., [Jr.]