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digi-libris mobile helps you to keep track of all the practical knowledge you have collected

digi-libris mobile is a free content managment tool for Android tablets and phones.
download it now free of charge from the Google Play Store.

digi-libris mobile helps you organize your personal knowledge base so that you can rapidly find crucial information again in the mass of material that accumulates over time.

Add downloaded or locally stored digital asset of any kind (documents, textbooks, images, videos, tutorials) and see them at a glance in a single list. If necessary add tags to classify them and to facilitate re-finding them later.

It is also convenient for bulk downloading knowledge from providers who attach suitable metadata for easy discovery and automatic self-classification.

It is metadata reliant which means you can search by title, topic, keywords or any text in descriptions and abstracts, presuming the content provider has included or attached meaningful metadata. In the absence of such metadata and for items you have downloaded or added from local storage, you can edit the metadata to facilitate re-finding.

Metadata is usually embedded in PDF files using XMP notation. For other digital assets metadata can be attached (bundled) as dMeta package, for bulk downloading from a content provider the electronic library exchange format (elxf) is used. Digi-libris can read all three types.

A smart translation option allows you to also discover content available in languages you may be less familiar with.
digi-libris Reader is a non-tech personal organization tool for today’s multitasking user who works and lives in a digital world.

This is metadata centric software for the automatic organization of your catalogue of documents and collection of things.

Mix documents and data sets of any type, photos, music, videos and web links in a single list, see vital attributes at a glance. You can also add physical or virtual items manually.

It is free and it is very easy to use: Just drag a file or a web link into the main window and it will automatically be classified.

for more information please contact the digi-libris hotline
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