I need information for my work

I collect ideas and things

I am learning, I do research

Use digi-libris software for collecting ideas and things - amass knowledge to facilitate understanding

  • I need information for my work
  • I collect ideas and things
  • I am learning, I do research
  • I am multitasking

    All users are multitasking by definition, so it is only natural to blend digital work with digital life.

    We import a_professional_paper_one_minute_and_download_music_the_next._We_nbsp.css; write an article and google a work related term and stumble upon an  interesting YouTube video the link to which we'd like to keep. Do this a few times per week and you soon end up with a hard disk (or cloud  drive) full of items you had forgotten about or lost track of where you  had saved them.

    With digi-libris Reader you keep track all these items in a single searchable list.

    It is an intelligent navigation tool to help you organize your collection of digital, virtual and physical objects and build your own knowledge base. Extracts metadata and shows local and downloaded documents and any other electronic file on your hard disk, the LAN or the cloud as well as remote links and manually added physical objects side by side in a single list for an optimal overview, classified by title, author, keyword or any other criteria. Ideal for cataloging, sharing and citing.

    You can even organize your collection of ideas and things by project so you can easily switch between multiple tasks where each project can contain a mix of file types, links and objects.

    Although it looks like a finder or Windows Explorer screen, no files are actually moved from where they were originally saved.

  • Information literacy begins with...